An active tourism program dedicated to children aged 10/15 years, carried out in an atmosphere of friendship with experts of the place and the proposed activities, with whom they can live intense experiences of sport, nature and culture, to be preserved as a heritage in the their growth and training.

Our philosophy is to draw energy from nature through activities at sea, sailing, snorkeling, stand up paddle, wave surfing and those along the coast: walking, mountain biking, observation moments and of course … the eat well.

So during this experience we will combine physical well-being with the kids with an excellent lifestyle: accommodation in very nice houses and rooms typical of the sea and the towns in this stretch of Sardinia, the history of these places and their inhabitants, our culture explained through food and traditions.

SINIS4YOUNG – IV Edition – August 2020 Breathe, Walk, Swim, Run, Surfa, Sail, Smile, Share, in the magical Sinis … Learning experiences of the disciplines of Windsurfing, Wave Surfing, Sailing with drifts and cruising, Canoeing, Sailing Experience discovering the Island of Mal di Ventre, discovering the Sinis wrecks with mask and fins, among the tombs of the giants: Nordic Walking, from the shepherd to the discovery of its secrets …

The Sinis area is particularly suitable for doing this, because it is wild and at the same time easy to reach: wonderful sea and perfect breeze for sailing. It is also rich in history, archaeological sites and traditions, breathtaking views and exciting sunsets.

Staying with us will be like being among friends in an atmosphere of discovery and adventure. The kids will be able to sail on board our classic sailboats, try different activities every day and learn to relate to the nature of the marine and coastal environments and the weather conditions and with all the differences and assessments of prudence, wisdom and weight that these activities today, and those of their life tomorrow, always require.