Into the Wild Woman

Body and psyche in the magic of Sinis: it’s “Into the Wild Woman”

Rediscovery holiday in Sardinia to launch into new seas

A journey through the colors, the scents of Sinis, in Sardinia; but also an anti-stress adventure for women who want to explore their borders. In short, a rediscovery: it is “Into the wild woman”, a project that combines sea, cuisine, land and psyche, in the magic of the still uncontaminated area of ​​the Gulf of Oristano.
“I am Silvia Della Morte, I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I have been dealing with the clinic for years. I work a lot with the body, I have a history of dancer, and I often see in my patients seeing this body that speaks more than their words”.
Freeing the psyche, through the body: leaving the comfort zones to which we are accustomed, on the deserted island of Mal di Ventre, with the help of the guide Giangi Chiesura and the others.
“I chose figures that I respect, first of all Daniela Meloni, here next to me” explains Silvia. And Daniela says “it is precisely the sailboat that, as happened to me, brings out the best in women. Precisely because it is a strong instrument, the woman manages to lead it using the best not of strength but intuition, intelligence , the sensibility.”
Testimonial with the mistral, do pilates in a group, and also eat consciously. As Silvia explains,
“Five days that are lived entirely in a group, where we do activities together and these women come into contact with the natural elements of nature and their self. For those who want and let themselves be accompanied, a journey towards this primitive, beautiful self, where all the answers are. So Into the wild Woman is a kind of springboard to jump into new seas. ”
A journey also towards a child who rediscovers the taste of disguise, in search of new identities by immersing himself in the ancient Sardinian traditions, up to try his hand at a dance rehearsal.