Naturawentura ASD

Since 1994

Passion & Unusual Experiences in the land and sea of Sinis

Naturawentura is an Amateur Sports Association that deals with sports and cultural promotion. Always attentive to the respect and protection of the environment, it prefers those sports activities with low environmental impact that allow direct contact with the environment and natural elements. The elements of water, wind and waves with activities such as sailing, surfing, windsurfing and sup; the elements earth, perfumes, history with activities such as trekking and cycling. With this philosophy, it proposes an eco-sustainable alternative tourism that develops mainly in Sinis, within and around the territory of the Marine Protected Area Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island. The experience gained in the field, at sea and on land, in more than 25 years of activity has created a deep and unique knowledge of a unique and fascinating environment of its kind. Knowledge and experience that have allowed the creation of different projects and activities.


We have been sailing, pedaling, walking with you since 1994 … 1994 – 2020, 26 years of routes and paths, miles and kilometers traveled, never tired, never satisfied by the charm of our land and our sea, with the same enthusiasm as the “first day ”, ready to transmit it, share it with those who want to discover with us the charm, sometimes hidden, of this corner of Sardinia called Sinis. An expert local Environmental Guide, profound connoisseur of every remote corner of this ancient and suggestive land of Giants, will lead you to the discovery of remote and hidden landscapes, bays and backdrops surrounded by colors, scents, sea breezes and sunsets …

All the proposed activities are reserved for members / members of Naturawentura ASD.

Naturawentura ASD- Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica – Codice Fiscale 950058650954 – Ufficio Registro AG.E 419 Serie – Affiliata CSEN / Coni