Giangi, the founder

The day before my birth, in my mother’s comfortable baby bump, on my father’s legendary Riva motorboat, I was sailing in the calm waters of Mal di Ventre Island. I believe that my passion for the sea and nature in all its nuances started right here. At the age of 5 I started practicing water skiing, windsurfing at 11, I approached the mountain at 16. Growing up I understood the importance of playing sports and being in contact with nature. I can say that in Sardinia it is really difficult to resist the temptation to practice sports and outdoor activities. This passion has allowed me to be more in contact with nature and to grow by developing my passions. So I learned in a pioneering way with other passionate friends the art of going to sea with windsurfing, wave surfing, drifts and recently kite surfing. I participated in numerous regattas with various successes in the national and international field. Subsequently the call of nature led me to discover the mountain. I started with trekking and then discovered free climbing and canyoning. These disciplines allow you to have a great contact with the mountain. Of course, among all these activities, mountain biking could not miss, which through the mountains and the dirt roads of Sardinia allows you to enjoy infinite and varied landscapes. In these years of sports naturalistic activities I have developed the passion of nature photography that accompanies every excursion. I followed the professional circuit of Windsurfing and Kite Surfing with a staff of international judges. I worked for 4 years with the last of the Corallari del Sinis, Geppetto Iriu. A myth, a man of great principles and knowledge, who taught me to know and respect the sea in all its aspects and nuances. During these years of experience in the field and working abroad and in Italy in various tourism sectors, after high school studies and four years of Geological Sciences, I decided in 1993 to make my passion a profession. So I set up a company: Naturawentura. Subsequently, I obtained the various professional qualifications necessary for accompaniment in the marine and land sectors; I joined the A.I.G.A.E. (Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides), registered in the Regional Register of Environmental Hiking Guides. Since 1994 I try to put at the service of those who want to do activities and discover the beauties of Sardinia, my experiences and professionalism.