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A magical corner of Sardinia for the practice of activities related to the wind, the sea, the waves. The story here originates in the late 70’s when the first local kids in the wake of distant legends related to surfing and wind sports begin to understand that marine weather conditions are ideal. Graziano Lai, Bobo Lutzu, Andrea Racca, Giorgio Stagno, Giangi Chiesura, Gigi Barrella, Antonello Ciabatti are just some of the precursors ….. Together with them, on the wave of the first photos and voices that have crossed the Mediterranean here are the great international surfers: Roby Naish, Anders Bringdal, Josh Angulo, Dave Kalama, Beau Young, Jeff Hakman, and many others.

During the year the statistics write that there are about 200 days in which there are waves. 330 the sunny days. While every day when there are no perturbations generally with a western component, the thermal winds always allow you to go to sea, whether with Kitesurf, Windsurf, Foil, Sailboat. Sheltered bays and pristine beaches always allow you to find shelter and practice Stand Up Paddle.

Kitesurf, windsurf, stand up paddle schools

Various and well-equipped schools operate from Capo Mannu to Torre Grande. Based on your needs and requests, we will put you in touch with our associated partners. Ask for information and programs.