Sailing boat experience

Sailing in the wind and in the Sinis Sea

An experience you will not forget … Learn and discover the ancient art of sailing in a unique context like that of the Sinis sea. The Marine Protected Area of ​​the Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island is the ideal place to have a sailing experience.

In one or more days you will learn the basis of sailing and sailing: notions of meteorology, correspondence, nomenclature, boat management…. The Gulf of Oristano and the ancient city of Tharros, the imposing promontory of Capo San Marco, the Naturalistic Oasis of Seu, the quartz beaches of the Sinis: Maimoni, Is Arutas, Mari Ermi. The island of Mal di Ventre. Itineraries that, in addition to the technical aspect of sailing, will leave you breathless. Our experience began way back in 1994 and, after 26 years and thousands of miles traveled at sea, we put our passion, our stories, our experience at your disposal. Sure to convey unique sensations and experiences.

The boat that we propose for this experience is a 12-meter wooden ketch, Formosa shipyard of 1972, the Fokuko II (meaning: energy hunter). Wood, brass, antiquities and memories on board this fascinating boat. On board are available Stand Up Padle and snorkeling equipment that will complete your experience of living the sea at 36o degrees

These are some of the issues that will be addressed during sea trips.

  • Maritime nomenclature
  • Nodes
  • Sailing equipment
  • Arm and disarm the boat
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Wind speeds
  • Sails adjustment
  • Tacking
  • Jibe
  • Glaze reduction
  • Navigation safety
  • Sail and motor anchors
  • Man over board recovery
  • Nautical chart reading (how to draw a route, conspicuous points, precedence)
  • Navigation safety in bad weather
  • Coastal navigation problems
  • Use of VHF and on-board electronics
  • Failure management and their possible remedies
  • Ordinary maintenance (engine, windlass, equipment)
  • Weather