In the land of Sinis

“…take me one day to the Sinis hill, in front of the Mediterranean, and put a green shell under my neck so that the voice of the sea still sings in my ear. Let me sleep there, among the lentisks, cysts and asphodels, with sound waves on the sandstone, under the wing of the hawks and the wide and soft flight of the seagulls…”.

I think this verse with their beauty and depth represent the soul of this fascinating and silent peninsula called Sinis. A tribute to the great poet Peppetto Pau, a profound connoisseur and lover of this strip of land suspended between the sea, hills and ponds, permeated like no other place in Sardinia with a great history.

Our spirit, our passion, our lifestyle, are marked by the knowledge of this land to enhance it, make it known respecting the environment and its culture. We started making this passion our job back in 1994, 26 years of experience, thousands of miles and kilometers traveled at sea and on land. The charm of this sea, of this territory continues today as the first day to give us strength and enthusiasm. This is the spirit with which we will guide you on our excursions.

Itineraries in the Sinis
Trekking, Mountain bike, 4×4 off-road

The Sinis area lends itself to be visited in different ways, based on your needs and our advice. Itineraries ranging from two hours a day, on foot, by off-road vehicle, by mountain bike. We will visit the important lake areas of Cabras, the Sale Porcus Oasis (link); the WWF naturalistic oasis of Seu (link) the white beaches of Is Arutas (link see sea), Mari Ermi; the imposing cliffs of Su Tingiosu (link see sea); the ancient promontory of Capo Mannu (link see sea). The Sinis area will amaze you with its uniqueness, the variety of its nature and the richness of its archaeological settlements. Possible snack based on typical Sardinian products in the shade of olive trees.

The Sinis mountain – The Montiferru
Trekking, 4×4 off-road

The imposing Montiferru mountain rises 20 minutes by car from the turquoise waters of the Sinis, unexpected and little known. A volcanic massif extending north of Oristano, between the Campidano plain and the sea. It is an area covered by thick woods, characterized by majestic rock formations and by the abundance of water. There are numerous streams, small waterfalls and springs, including the famous Siete Fuentes (‘seven sources’) at the Romanesque church of San Leonardo. Those who love nature excursions will perhaps be lucky enough to spot a griffon, mouflon or Sardinian deer, recently reintroduced into state-owned forests.

The coast is characterized by dark basaltic cliffs and limestone cliffs, such as those of Santa Caterina di Pittinurri and S’Archittu, which takes its name from an imposing natural arch on the sea.

Numerous traces remain of human presence since ancient times, from the splendid nuraghes to the tombs of the giants, to the domus de janas; from the Punic and Roman times, with the remains of cities and spas.