Sea activities

In the sea of ​​Sinis

Just as the first visitors to Sardinia saw this island, arriving with their primitive boats, you too who are preparing to get to know this beautiful island should see it from the sea.

An explosion of colors and transparencies surrounding an equally colorful territory made of green and fertile valleys, of imposing mountains, deep canyons, ancient settlements, and above all permeated by great traditions and deep culture.

The Sinis Peninsula, a strip of Sardinia that instills the feeling of continuity between land and sea


The Marine Protected Area Pensiola del Sinis Isola di Mal di Ventre, established in 1997 and covering approximately 26 thousand hectares in the territory of Tharros, represents a colorful sample of terrestrial and lake environments that gently slope towards beaches and cliffs. This unique environment in variety, colors and history extends starting from the South from the ancient city of Tharros and the majestic volcanic promontory of Capo San Marco, followed by the small village of San Giovanni di Sinis. Continuing north, the green of the ancient Mediterranean scrub of the Oasis of Seu stands out in the blue sea. From the green to the white of the quartz sands of the beaches of Maimoni, Is Arutas, Mari Ermi. The grandeur of the cliffs of Su Tingiosu interrupts the white of these beaches. To close this great Peninsula the largest fossil dune in the Mediterranean, the promontory of Capo Mannu. Our spirit, our passion and our lifestyle is based on the knowledge of this island to enhance it, make it known respecting the environment and its culture. We started making this passion our job back in 1994, 26 years of experience, thousands of miles and kilometers traveled at sea and on land. The charm of this sea, of this territory continues today as the first day to give us strength and enthusiasm. This is the spirit with which we will guide you on our excursions. Our guides are registered in the Regional Register of Environmental Hiker Guides. Our operational headquarters are located in the Lungomare di Mandriola / Putzu Idu, Marina di San Vero Milis.



Sailing in the wind and in the Sinis Sea

An experience you will not forget … Learn and discover the ancient art of sailing in a unique context like that of the Sinis sea. The Marine Protected Area of ​​the Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island is the ideal place to have a sailing experience.

In one or more days you will learn the basis of sailing and sailing: notions of meteorology, correspondence, nomenclature, boat management…. The Gulf of Oristano and the ancient city of Tharros, the imposing promontory of Capo San Marco, the Naturalistic Oasis of Seu, the quartz beaches of the Sinis: Maimoni, Is Arutas, Mari Ermi. The island of Mal di Ventre. Itineraries that, in addition to the technical aspect of sailing, will leave you breathless. Our experience began way back in 1994 and, after 26 years and thousands of miles traveled at sea, we put our passion, our stories, our experience at your disposal. Sure to convey unique sensations and experiences.

The boat that we propose for this experience is a 12-meter wooden ketch, Formosa shipyard of 1972, the Fokuko II (meaning: energy hunter). Wood, brass, antiquities and memories on board this fascinating boat. On board are available Stand Up Padle and snorkeling equipment that will complete your experience of living the sea at 36o degrees

Sea excursions

Daily 1/2 day or full day rubber boat excursions are made by reservation. The operational base of departure is at the Lungomare di Mandriola. Info +39 3470052059, Marco +39 3498455709, GianMichele +39 3926700331, mail The rubber dinghy rental / rental service is carried out by the New Generation Service – Cooperative Society – San Vero Milis – VAT number 01090450956

Mal di Ventre island

The pearl of the Sinis Peninsula-Mal di Ventre Island Marine Protected Area.

Daily connections made with an 8-meter dinghy, sailing time approximately 20 minutes, ½ day or full day, departure starts at 09.00, return by 18.00.

Upon arrival on the Island our Guide will perform an information breafing where we will talk about the environment, flora, fauna and history, safeguard rules and regulations of the Marine Area, curiosities and legends of this ancient grantic outcrop.

Upon reservation it will be possible to make an interesting and fascinating guided trekking or go to the Joyce wreck for a fascinating marine walk.

Cliffs of Su Tingiosu

The wildest and least known coastal area of ​​Sinis.

The land breeze and the morning sun enhance the colors of this remote stretch of sea. The excursions take place in the morning with a duration ranging from 2 to 4 hours depending on the weather conditions and the type of navigation and stops, in times between 9 and 13. Visits to the coves, stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Is Arutas / Mari Ermi

Hundreds of meters of turquoise sea and rounded grains of fine quartz, similar to rice grains, declined in a suggestive escalation of colors, from green to white, passing through the delicate pink.

By prolonging the excursion to the cliffs of Su Tingiosu it is possible to visit and descend on these incredible expanses of white quartz.

Capo Mannu / Is Arenas

The highest fossil sand dune in the Mediterranean, between cliffs and bays, sailing north to the sandy dunes of the infinite Is Arenas beach.

The excursions take place in the morning with a duration ranging from 2 to 4 hours depending on the weather conditions and the type of navigation and stops, in times between 9 and 13. Visits to the coves, stops for swimming and snorkeling.